Custom Spraying Gordon Farms

Custom Spraying

Accurate liquid application is one of the essential duties that today’s farmers are tasked. Moreover, with custom spraying, a liquid form can be used to provide nutrients, fungicides, or herbicides.

Further, we have recently invested in new spraying technology to pass the efficiency of mass area applications along to our clients. Also, we have two sprayers in our fleet to apply what you need when you need it.

Our 1500 Gallon 90′ Boom Sprayer Specialties pull behind sprayer is the backbone of our operation. Further more, it is equipped with Raven GPS and Sprayer controls and paired with our Puma 175 for high production spraying duties. Moreover, it is not uncommon to cover over 70 acres per hour with this unit.

Additionally, our 300 Gallon 37′ Boom, Hardi TL 300 pull behind sprayer, is our backup sprayer. This sprayer also finds use on food plots and hard to access fields where the 90′ sprayer won’t fit in.

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